The American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist at least twice a year for a comprehensive dental exam. Maintaining your oral health is crucial in avoiding pain, tooth loss and expensive restorative dental procedures. Twin Creeks Dentistry will provide a complete checkup to determine any potential problems such as tooth decay, cracks and gum disease. We will also happily replace older, worn-out dental work, such as metal fillings and discolored crowns.

With a thorough exam every six months, we can manage small dental problems before they grow into larger, more complicated issues. Untreated cavities can grow rapidly and destroy an entire tooth, a cracked tooth may break off if not discovered and corrected, and gum disease can advance if not detected early. Advanced gum disease can cause tooth loss and lead to serious health issues such as oral cancer, which causes more than 7,500 deaths each year. Catching these problems early is essential in controlling them.

Call us now to schedule your comprehensive dental exam. By keeping up on regular checkups, you can avoid costly dental problems, stay healthy and continue to enjoy your smile!



Offering superior resolution with less radiation exposure, the digital radiograph x-ray at your Twin Creeks dentistry PLLC is an excellent new way to help diagnose possible oral problems. The digital radiographs not only emits half the amount of radiation associated with traditional x-rays, but is also much less time consuming. Using a sensor that is placed in your mouth in the correct position, the pictures are taken and immediately sent to our computer. We can then review the information with you right from the computer screen.

Why are Digital X Ray important ?

  • To locate areas of decay that can’t be detected with a visual examination.
  • To detect periodontal disease by investigating possible bone loss.
  • To aid in the preparation and placement of dental implants, orthodontics and other dental work.
  • To locate possible abnormalities such as cysts and oral cancer.

For more information on this exciting new technology or to schedule an appointment, call us at Twin Creeks Dentistry PLLC today!

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